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GRES-UOC is a research group within the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) of the Open University of Catalonia. The focus of its research are tools and methods for Computer-Aided Software Engineering in areas such as validation, formal verification, synthesis or simulation.


  • 2008/01/17: Two PhD positions available, deadline September 30. More information here [ PDF ].
  • 2007/10/22: One PhD position available, deadline November 15. More information here [ PDF ].


Dr. Eng. Robert Clarisó   web   e-mail
Dr. Eng. Daniel Riera   web   e-mail
Dr. Eng. Jordi Conesa   web   e-mail
Dr. Eng. Àngels Rius   web   e-mail
Dr. Eng. Santi Caballé   web   e-mail
Dr. Eng. Elena Planas   web   e-mail
Eng. Isabel Guitart   web   e-mail
Research assistants
Eng. David Sànchez Mendoza   web   e-mail
Eng. David Elfau   web   e-mail
Dr. Eng. Jordi Cabot   web   e-mail
Former members
Eng. Patricia de la Fuente   web   e-mail
Eng. Christian Pérez   web   e-mail
Eng. Josep Lluis Figueras   web   e-mail
M.Sc. Eng. Asadullah Shaikh   web   e-mail


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  5. Jordi Cabot, Robert Clarisó. UML/OCL Verification in Practice. 1st International Workshop on Challenges in Model-Driven Software Engineering (ChaMDE'08 - Satellite event of MODELS'2008). 28 September 2008, Toulouse, France. [ PDF ]
  6. Jordi Cabot, Robert Clarisó, Esther Guerra, Juan de Lara. Analysing Graph Transformation Rules Using OCL. Proceedings of the International Conference on Model Transformation: Theory and Practice of Model Transformations (ICMT'2008), LNCS 5063, pp. 225-239. 1-2 July 2008, Zurich, Switzerland. [ PDF ] © Springer-Verlag
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  8. Jordi Cabot, Robert Clarisó, Daniel Riera. UMLtoCSP: A tool for the formal verification of UML/OCL models. Proceedings of the 22nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'2007), pp. 547-548. 4-9 November 2007, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. [ PDF ]

Visit the webpage of the group members to see additional publications.


  • UMLtoCSP: A tool for the formal verification of UML/OCL models based on Constraint Programming.
  • CUCKOO: An e-learning environment for teaching conceptual modelling in UML.

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