Integrates with e-assessment tools

e-Assessment tools connect to the ICT-FLAG platform through a REST API. A client library managing this communication is available: simply call it from your tool to send your data to ICT-FLAG. There is no need to modify your user interface: visualizations are provided in a web-based responsive format.

Learning analytics

The ICT-FLAG platform provides useful analytics and reports to gather insights about e-assessment within the learning process. Data can be analyzed from different perspectives, with specific visualization highlighting problematic activities or students in need of additional support.


Add game-inspired mechanics to your assessment process to motivate your students to practise earlier and more often. Let students know their standing with respect to their peers or collaborate towards collective goals.

ICT-FLAG: Enhancing ICT education through Formative assessment, Learning Analytics and Gamification. Funded by the Spanish Government: MICINN. Ref.: TIN2013-45303-P. January 2014 - December 2016.